Success Stories


I learned to value my family and real friends. I developed a sober support network and attend weekly AA meetings. I believe that everything can be accomplished when you believe in a higher power and learn to forgive yourself.


I am honored and privileged to be a graduate of OTI. It is an experience I will never forget. What I’ve learned about life, self and how to help others is invaluable.


He has a bright future ahead, filled with opportunity and hope and a foundation that began with Outreach’s uniquely positioned service to help and support adolescents. As parents, we could not be more pleased and grateful.


Through OTI, I was able to do an internship and a month after I graduated, I secured a job. I also forged strong relationships with peers with whom I still interact today. The OTI staff and faculty were the catalysts


OTI’s trainers and advisors are professionals and clinicians who are seasoned, have worked in the field...OTI helped grow my career and life purpose. Thank you OTI from the bottom of my heart!


The last four years of my life have been all about change. I am a very happy man today.


Outreach certainly changed my life. Its mission and organization is fully committed and capable of helping all young people who face the epidemic of drug use, especially today, and in my opinion, there is no better drug treatment facility or