Welcome to Outreach’s Compliance page!

Integrity is a core value at Outreach and we believe that maintaining compliance is essential for the well-being and trust of our clients and the integrity of our services.

Our Corporate Compliance program applies to all Outreach employees, independent contractors, interns, volunteers, third-party vendors, partners, the governing body, corporate officers, and any other stakeholders who complete any aspect of our operations and continuum of care.


What is Compliance?

Compliance is the act of following all relevant laws, regulations and policies, with the goal of identifying, addressing and/or preventing incidences of waste, fraud or abuse.  This is accomplished through a robust, effective and transparent series of quality assurance policies outlined in our compliance policies.

Reviewed and updated annually, our Compliance Program policies emphasize:

  • Prevention and detection of wrongdoing, questionable activities or practices.
  • Immediate reporting and timely investigation
  • Timely correction of the identified issue.

Access Outreach Development Corporation’s Code of Conduct Here

Submitting a Complaint or Grievance

Outreach’s Compliance Program outlines clear pathways for reporting compliance concerns and deviations from our policies.  If you believe there has been a violation of our policies or standards, or if you have any other compliance related concern, you can contact our compliance department through the following channels:

  • Online Submission (anonymous): Click here
  • By Email:  marybrite@opiny.org
  • By Telephone: 718-847-9233
  • By Confidential Hotline: 631-521-8419

We take all complaints and grievances seriously and will thoroughly investigate each case while maintaining confidentiality (unless disclosure is required by law).  Reports may also be made anonymously.


Contact Information for Our Compliance Officer

If you wish to discuss compliance-related matters or have any questions, you may contact our Compliance Officer directly here or below at:


Mary Brite, LCSW, CASAC-Master, CHC
Chief Compliance Officer
Email:  marybrite@opiny.org
Phone: (718) 847-9233, x2240
Fax: (718) 849-1093

Our Compliance Officer is dedicated to ensuring that our organization maintains the highest standards of integrity and is available to assist you with any compliance-related concerns.

Your feedback and involvement in our corporate compliance program are vital to our commitment to delivering exceptional care and maintaining the highest ethical standards.  Thank you for being a part of our mission to improve the well-being of our clients and the community we serve.