Our Impact

Outreach has been building healthy lives for over 35 years – and the impact of our services can be felt in communities throughout New York.

Our novel vision began with adolescents and their families who were struggling with the effects of drug and alcohol addiction. By opening the first adolescent residential treatment program in New York State, we defined and pioneered substance abuse treatment for children under 18. That vision has expanded into outpatient treatment for adults, with culturally responsive programming for veterans, LGBTQ and native Polish and Spanish speakers. Today we treat thousands of clients in Queens, Brooklyn, Suffolk and Nassau Counties with an eye toward expanding our reach.

We not only treat addiction, we also train addiction counselors. Our impact can be felt throughout the state of New York through our Outreach Training Institute, the state’s largest CASAC training provider. More than 3,000 individuals have benefitted from the Institute’s professional development training courses. From our beginnings as a community educator, we have evolved into the most trusted and experienced training center for aspiring professionals and experienced addiction counselors alike.

Take a look at a special slideshow featuring images of Outreach’s beginnings.