Teen Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Treatment

Outreach built its reputation treating teens, ages 12-17, for drug and alcohol addiction. For over three decades, we have helped thousands of young people and their families reclaim their lives from substance abuse. Outpatient services afford individuals the flexibility to live at home while working toward recovery.

Substance-using and high-risk adolescents have unique developmental needs. Outreach’s outpatient services engage young clients through three fundamental counseling approaches: individual, group, and family. We carefully select from available support services such as vocational counseling and sober social field trips to enhance the program’s impact. Sessions address drug use, co-occurring problems, and life skills deficits.

Outreach uses The Seven Challenges Program®, an evidence-based practice specifically designed for adolescents struggling with substance use disorder. Groundbreaking in its approach, this teen-focused model helps build life skills such as problem-solving, decision making, coping, goal development and more.

As young clients progress through treatment, we help them gain the skills and confidence needed to stay drug-free and grow into healthy, contributing adults. We also involve families in the process, helping them develop collective growth and recovery goals. To ensure ongoing success after treatment, family members learn how to provide the support and structure the teens need for a life free of drugs and alcohol.

Flexible scheduling options include afterschool and evening outpatient services. After-school treatment programs are offered in Richmond Hill, Queens; Greenpoint, Brooklyn; and Bellport and Brentwood, Long Island. Outreach’s alternative high school in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, offers a high school for recovering teens in an outpatient treatment setting, operated in partnership with the New York City Department of Education District 79’s ReStart Program.

Participation in the appropriate adolescent outpatient track depends upon the specific needs of each individual and family. For more information, contact one of our adolescent outpatient programs.