Adult Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Treatment

Life-changing and life-affirming, Outreach’s adult outpatient services help men and women break the cycle of alcohol and drug abuse. Through our multi-faceted treatment approach, adults can heal, grow, and develop in all their life roles.

Outpatient treatment affords individuals the flexibility to live, work, go to school, and more in their communities while working towards recovery. Sessions address drug use, co-occurring problems, and life skills deficits. Counselors use the latest evidence-based practices – clinically-proven treatment techniques and intervention models – appropriate for their clients’ needs. Outreach also engages family members to help them and their loved ones address existing family issues.

Adults enrolled in our outpatient program benefit from individual and group counseling and a multi-phased treatment approach. Specialty services woven into the program focus on work life, family, and behavioral/emotional health including:

  • Specialized group sessions (e.g., anger management, life skills, relapse prevention)
  • Vocational assessment and ongoing support services
  • Mental health services as appropriate
  • Services for significant others

To enhance the program’s impact, Outreach adds a careful selection of support services such as recovery planning, family counseling, health education, and more.

Our multi-lingual health professionals come from diverse backgrounds and are experienced in working with many cultures. In response to community need, we offer outpatient services in Polish and Spanish at several locations. We also provide outpatient services specifically for women who may better respond within a gender-specific setting.

At all of our treatment programs, Outreach will serve all clients at the appropriate level of care, and will not deny services based on persons’: race, color, sex, gender identify, sexual orientation, national origin, disability (physical or mental), religion. Outreach also has a sliding fee schedule and no client will be turned away from services based solely on their inability to pay or if/because payment for services would be made under Medicare, Medicaid, or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Click here to view and download (PDF) our Sliding Fee Schedule for our outpatient treatment programs.

For more information, contact one of our adult outpatient programs.