CASAC Training

The Outreach Training Institute (OTI) has the oldest and largest CASAC training program in the NY metropolitan area and has distinguished itself as one of the best in the field.  OTI’s mission is to improve the treatment and prevention of substance use disorders (SUD) by providing the very best education of counselors and others who work with affected individuals, families and communities.  Hundreds of OTI graduates are successfully working in leadership and clinical roles in programs throughout NY and beyond, making significant contributions to the competent care of people with SUD.

OTI’s instructional methods focus on the active learning of the adult learner, including classroom discussion, large and small group activities, and hands-on learning projects.  The curriculum reflects the most current best- and evidence-based practices, including person-centered, trauma-informed, and culturally-responsive approaches, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, medication-assisted treatment, and person-centered treatment planning and clinical documentation.  The program’s faculty all have advanced degrees, CASAC’s, and considerable professional experience in the treatment of substance use disorders.

Classes are currently held virtually in live video-conference via Web-ex.  Instruction still includes lively classroom discussion, interactive exercises, break-out groups, use of the chat feature, polls, and group projects to keep students engaged and actively learning, while in the comfort of their homes or offices.  All services from the admissions interview to classes are held virtually.  To participate, students must have a computer or tablet with a video camera and microphone.