Financial Aid and Scholarships

Outreach Training Institute awards a limited number of scholarships and income-based financial aid for our CASAC training programs. Highest priority is given to those who apply early. Additional opportunities are offered through a variety of funding partners including the New York State Department of Health and the New York State Education Department ACCES-VR.

All applications for scholarships and financial aid are reviewed by an admissions committee. Submission of financial documents are are required to determine eligibility for income-based partial tuition coverage. Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to employment and have the potential for career advancement in the substance abuse treatment field during and beyond their time at Outreach Training Institute.

When any scholarship is awarded, recipients must meet certain requirements to maintain good standing, demonstrating satisfactory progress towards graduation and CASAC credentialing. We also offer monthly installment plans for tuition payment.


Applicants who are eligible and approved for ACCES-VR benefits can attend Outreach Training Institute at no cost. Funding is sponsored by the New York State Education Department, a longtime funding partner with OTI. Following ACCES-VR enrollment, candidates are invited to participate in OTI’s standard admissions process. Contact your local county office for more information. You can also visit the ACCES-VR website here.

Financial Aid

Individuals with an annual income not exceeding $24,000 can apply for the Workforce Development Scholarship, which covers 25% of the tuition costs. Monthly installment plans are available to cover the remaining tuition amount. Applicants must demonstrate financial need, commitment to employment in the substance abuse treatment field, and the potential for career advancement in the field, as determined by the Admissions Committee.

**NEW** OTI has received funding for a limited number of 50% scholarships. Applicants must demonstrate financial need, as well as a commitment to providing substance abuse services to traditionally underserved populations, with an emphasis on linguistically and culturally diverse populations (as determined by the Admissions Committee). The scholarship will cover 50% of the tuition ($2225). Monthly installment plans are available to cover the remaining tuition amount. If you think you qualify for the scholarship, please don’t hesitate to submit your documentation.

If you wish to apply for our CASAC training programs, please refer to our CASAC Training page for more information and how to apply.

Department of Health Workforce Retraining Scholarship 

With funding from the NYS Department of Health’s Workforce Retraining Initiative, Outreach Training Institute is happy to announce the availability of scholarships for health workers interested in being trained the following evidence-based practices: Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Overview and Applications in Substance Abuse Treatment*These courses provide continuing education hours for CASACs, Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors, and Marriage & Family Therapists!

Eligibility for scholarships include the county in which applicants are employed. Applicants must be employed in a healthcare facility* located in an eligible county.

The scholarships for the 4-Hour SBIRT, 12-Hour SBIRT, and 12-Hour CBT Professional Development trainings are funded by the Department of Health’s Workforce Retraining Institute.

For more information and how to apply, please visit the Department of Health Workforce Retraining Scholarship webpage.