Veterans Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Treatment


Veterans deserve a specialized treatment approach that is uniquely their own. Their experiences, communication styles, and distinctive set of traumas call for counselors who can speak their language. At Outreach, our dedicated staff of treatment professionals include those who are veterans themselves. Their first-hand knowledge of military life and culture figures prominently into their treatment approach.

From the treatment plan onward, the entire program is customized for past and present military personnel. As a behavioral health provider, we are committed to using the latest evidence-based practices including Seeking Safety, Trauma-Informed Care and more. Our dedicated Veterans counselors are also certified in clinically proven treatment protocols specific to veterans such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Helping Men Recover, Trauma Addiction Management, and TCU Mapping.

The Veteran’s Outpatient Program offers individual and group sessions, as well as case management and vocational services. Sessions address drug use, co-occurring problems, and life skills deficits. Clients also have access to veteran support groups and community resources through Outreach.

A veterans’ lounge at the site provides a quiet and supervised retreat where individuals can search for jobs, socialize or relieve anxiety. For more information, contact our veterans outpatient location in Brentwood, NY.