Brentwood-Outreach Recovery Center at Pilgrim State

Outpatient and Community Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services

• Adult Outpatient Services • Veterans Treatment Services • Adult Community Residence

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The Outpatient Treatment Program at Outreach Recovery Center (ORC) helps adults break the cycle of addiction to alcohol and drugs at an outpatient rehab center located centrally in Suffolk County, on the campus of the state psychiatric center in Brentwood, Long Island.  With expert counselors, and a wide spectrum of substance abuse disorder and behavioral and mental health services, Outreach Recovery Center provides the optimal addiction rehab program. Our patient-centered, multi-faceted and multicultural approach, use of evidence-based therapeutic practices in individual, group and family counseling, and specialized substance use disorder treatment for military veterans, enables clients to start a path to recovery, gaining the resources needed to cope with life’s stressors, without the use of alcohol and drugs.

Outpatient addiction treatment and residential specialty services at Outreach Recovery Center in Suffolk County, Long Island, are holistic and personalized, tailored to fit each patient’s unique situation, challenges and needs, including:

  • Adult outpatient services – evidence-based, multi-phase models in individual, group, and family counseling address drug use, co-occurring problems, and life skills deficits, through programming that includes trauma-informed care, gender-specific groups, medical screenings, psychiatric evaluation, access to medication-assisted treatment, vocational assessment and planning, family sessions,recovery maintenance and therapy for significant others
  • Outpatient group counseling includes: Relapse Prevention, Early Recovery, Strength Over Struggle, Symptom Management, Spirituality and Recovery, Self-Esteem, and Emotional Regulation.
  • Co-located mobile medical and physical health services, through integrated care collaboration with a federally qualified health center.
  • Integrated care to address co-occurring mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression.
  • Specialized treatment to military veterans who suffer from substance use disorders – Staff trained to understand the complex nature of issues faced by veterans, including military culture, combat trauma, and the resources available to veterans throughout governmental systems, offer enhanced services for veterans, in addition to our quality outpatient treatment.
  • Outpatient services for veterans include: compassionate support to address post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other life stressors resulting from service in the military, veterans’ support groups, case management, vocational assessment and planning, job search, family sessions and therapy for significant others, and veterans’ recreational space for socialization.
  • Co-located Adult Community Residence for men, open 24-hours, provides a sober, structured living environment where clients can heal from addiction and trauma while learning the skills they need to reintegrate successfully into the community.
  • Veterans in the community residence and outpatient program are provided on-site opportunities to learn about housing and vocational services. Collaboration with Suffolk County, Long Island community partners provide information to veterans to further assist them in achieving treatment goals, and coordinating care and transition to independent living.

Life-changing and life-affirming, at Outreach Recovery Center in Long Island, clients can heal, grow, and develop in all life roles – get well, stay well, build a healthy life.