When I was a student at Outreach, I remember the words of a veteran trainer who, during one lecture, said something along the lines of, ‘I knew I was supposed to be a counselor – I was already doing it in my life.’ I totally related. ‘Healing’ was already my passion and pastime. I had a Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Psychology and ran a self-help relationship blog, and I insistently meddled in family affairs trying to get my own relatives to a place of healing. I knew I was ‘called’ to be in the field of helping others.

A series of life events had me contemplating a change. I wanted to do something with more defined purpose. When my mother told me about a scholarship available through Outreach Training Institute (OTI), I knew I had found that purpose. I applied and the rest is history. From that day, I was embarking upon a great journey of self-actualization – what I was born to do.

My training at OTI was invaluable – from skills building, counseling skills development, learning strength-based interventions and interactions with clients, and empowering models of professional development, to clinical documentation that meets regulatory standards and beyond, the OTI experience is ‘next-level.’ OTI’s trainers and advisors are professionals and clinicians who are seasoned, have worked in the field, have ‘gone through it’ and have dedicated to educating others so they develop their own professional growth and avoid known pitfalls.

OTI helped grow my career and life purpose. Thank you OTI from the bottom of my heart!