My experience as a student at Outreach Training Institute gave me a strong foundation in the field of substance abuse. I was exposed to practice and theory that I now apply both personally and professionally.

At Outreach Training Institute, I could see that the faculty and team really loved what they did. They were very thorough, precise, and they helped me to learn about myself. I think that’s the best thing about Outreach. They help you to know yourself, so that you can know others better.

Three main things stand out for me about Outreach: 1) working on myself, knowing myself, even the whole family dynamic and the role that I played; 2) the interaction with the instructors: it was very genuine, I really appreciated that they love what they do. It helps that they work in the field, so it wasn’t just textbook experience; it was “from the field” experience; 3) they really help you focus on counselor wellness.

Through OTI, I was able to do an internship and a month after I graduated, I secured a job. I also forged strong relationships with peers with whom I still interact today. The OTI staff and faculty were the catalysts for my emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth.