Before coming to Outreach, I was using alcohol and drugs every day. I came to the program seeking help for my addiction, to regain my driver’s license, and to become a better person for – and more connected to – my family.

The treatment I received made all the difference. My counselor helped me learn how to cope with my anger management problems and how to interact with others in a positive way. During treatment I learned to cope with triggers, peer pressure, and to have a plan to prevent the use of alcohol and drugs. What stands out most is that I learned more about myself, about what prompted me to engage in destructive behaviors and how to say “no.”

My experience at Outreach helped me to value myself, improve self-esteem, and boosted my self-confidence. I’ve become a better husband, better father, a better me. I learned to value my family and real friends. I developed a sober support network and attend weekly AA meetings. I believe that everything can be accomplished when you believe in a higher power and learn to forgive yourself.