I was struggling physically, emotionally and spiritually before I came to Outreach. I drank and drugged for 30 years. I had multiple arrests and was even incarcerated for a year. Seven months into the program I was arrested for a DWI. The most humbling thing I had to do was call my primary counselor, come clean with her and tell her that I was drinking and drugging the whole time I was there. When I met with my group the following week and shared what had happened, I truly believe that was the first time I had gotten honest about my disease.

The staff at Outreach was extraordinary. From the front desk to the group facilitators and of course my primary counselor, who helped me get honest and allowed me to feel comfortable. I was able to talk about how I was feeling and what difficulties and obstacles I was facing trying to stay sober. She gave me suggestions and helped put things in perspective for me. She was brutally honest with me – telling me what I needed to hear, not necessarily what I wanted to hear. I call her every year on my anniversary to let her know I am still doing well and I am still sober. It’s been four years now.

With the follow-up treatment and relapse prevention program I completed at Outreach, I have maintained my sobriety for over four years. I now have a great career in a Director’s position at a large healthcare company in Manhattan. I am engaged to be married and have three stepchildren. The last four years of my life have been all about change. I am a very happy man today.