Marsha Radulov

Marsha Radulov has been working for Outreach for about 18 years.

Favorite Quote: Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love ~ Mother Theresa

Women who Inspire You: There are so many GREAT women both past and present that inspire me. If I have to choose one, I would have to say my maternal grandmother “Gertrude D’Agostino.” At a time when few opportunities existed for women in the workforce – they were expected to be at home raising children and keeping the house, my grandfather walked out, left her with nothing at all and never came back. Uneducated, with 11 children to feed and clothed, the only advice given to her, by the church, was to place her children in an orphanage, but my nanny defiantly beat the odds and found work. Up to the day she passed away, her family came first. She took nothing for herself; she went without food for many days giving everything she could to her children. She had the biggest heart, and was a very forgiving person. I feel I am a lot like her. I have her strength and her love & respect for others. That’s what keeps me going and inspires me in both my professional and home life.

Lifetime Goal: To make a difference in someone’s life and to love and care for my family. In my profession, I may not work directly with clients, but I do help by bringing in the resources that aid in their recovery and help build healthy lives for children and families in need.