Women’s Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Treatment

Women have unique emotional, social, physical and spiritual needs – needs that may have led to or prolonged a substance use disorder. Outreach’s outpatient services for women offer an empowering, life-affirming safe space for treatment.

In both individual and group counseling sessions, we help women explore the underlying issues and trauma at root with their addictions. Using our gender-specific approach, female clients rediscover their self-worth and independence in a highly structured and supportive environment. They learn the effects of trauma and the impact a loved one’s substance use may have had on their emotional well-being.

As a behavioral health provider, we are committed to using the latest evidence-based practices for treatment, including Seeking Safety, Trauma-Informed Care and more. Our highly qualified staff of certified counselors integrates numerous specialty and supportive services to empower women as parents, employees and other important life roles.

To enhance the program’s impact, Outreach combines a selection of support services such as vocational counseling, recovery planning, health education, and more. Outreach also engages family members to help them and their loved ones address existing family issues or provide addiction treatment services.

Our multi-lingual health professionals come from diverse backgrounds and are experienced working with numerous cultures. In response to community need, we offer outpatient services in Spanish and Polish at select locations.

For more information, contact one of our women’s programs.