Welcome to Our New Website!

January 25, 2018

Outreach is delighted to introduce you to our new website!

Over 35 years ago, Outreach opened its doors as a small assessment and referral center to engage people in the community struggling with addiction to seek help.

Since then, our mission has evolved to meet more needs and more communities, through the vision of our dedicated leadership and staff. Our stories of growth and achievement are intertwined with the stories of the individuals and families we help to build healthy lives.

Today, Outreach inspires adolescents, adults, and their families to achieve a life of unlimited potential through our high-quality, evidence-based substance abuse treatment and training programs throughout New York City and Long Island.

Outreach’s new website serves as the window into our “organizational home.”  Please take the time to go beyond peeking in – we invite you for a full visit!  Make yourself comfortable. See what we offer. Learn how we help. Discover how you can help, too.

This new website:

  • Offers a dynamic way of introducing our treatment programs to individuals and families in need of care
  • Provides up to date information on training opportunities for aspiring counselors, as well as seasoned professionals in the behavioral health field
  • Is a one-stop shop for our target audiences, allowing us to connect with you on how we can best serve your needs
  • Tells a story of Outreach’s impact in transforming lives for the better

This is only the first stage of our launch, with more enhanced features to come. Check in regularly, and follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates!