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Save the Date! 

  • OTI Professional Development courses (free to all Outreach staff!) To register, click here by stated deadlines below:  
    • Seeking Safety Therapy for the Integrated Treatment of SUD and PTSD – for clinical staff and supervisors (7 Hours), Two Day Training July 8 – July 9, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
    • Cultural Adaptations of Seeking Safety – for clinical staff and clinical supervisors  (3 hours), July 17, 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM
    • Assessment of Seeking Safety Fidelity – for clinical supervisors (3 hours), July 18, 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Click this link to register for any of the other trainings listed above. Please be sure to only register for courses that you are eligible to participate in:  

Payroll Calendar for June and July 2024
June 28th, July 12, and July 26

  • Independence Day – July 4
    • Administrative offices and some clinics will be closed. (Please check with your site)
  • Annual Company BBQ
    • July 12, 2024 at Outreach House II 12:00 pM

Staff Profiles: HR and Payroll Partnership

Asha Vereen, Director of Payroll & Benefits

“HR and Payroll are like two rings on the same finger,” Asha Vereen, Director of Payroll & Benefits

Why is it important that HR and Payroll work well together? Human Resources and payroll departments benefit from working together in many ways, including-

Compliance: HR and payroll collaborate to ensure compliance with employment-related laws and regulations. For example, HR advises payroll on changes to compensation, minimum wage, or exemption status, so payroll can then implement those changes in processing and reporting.

Employee Data: HR and payroll work together to maintain accurate employee data.

Decision-Making: HR and payroll analyze data and metrics to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions.

Efficiency: When HR and payroll work well together, we create more efficient processes that minimize administrative effort and maximize the time we have to help employees.

How do payroll and HR work together, and what makes this partnership successful?
We believe that employees must be paid on time, and any glitches in this process are likely to produce discontent among workers. Payroll checks and direct deposits must be issued on a timely basis. Increases, bonuses, or deductions should also be handled correctly and promptly. Successfully juggling all of this requires collaboration between the departments.

Payroll checks are based on a number of factors, including social security taxes, insurance deductions, and approved leave time, and can also vary based on overtime, holiday pay, and other factors. This information is coordinated by HR and payroll to ensure accuracy.

Coordination is also crucial when recruiting and hiring new employees. HR is directly involved in the hiring process and ensures that the proper documents are forwarded to payroll – and then the payroll department processes the information quickly. No new employee wants to be told that ‘something’ happened with their first paycheck, and they won’t be receiving it as planned. This would cause the company to gain a reputation for these types of antics, fewer candidates would be less likely to apply in the future.

HR and payroll must also work together to ensure legal compliance. Tax laws must be adhered to, ranging from collecting and revising employee documents (like federal, state, and local tax forms), to ensuring that social security numbers, addresses, and other information are correct and stored securely.

What do you enjoy most about working together? What I enjoy most about working with HR, is that HR and payroll teams are working together to build a strong partnership, to create more efficient and accurate processes that will ultimately positively impact the organization and the employee experience.

Lydia McNeil, Director of Human Resources

Why is it important that HR and Payroll work well together?

HR and Payroll must fit like a glove. It is important for us to work  hand in hand

How do payroll and HR work together, and what makes this partnership successful?

HR and Payroll work together on things that may overlap such as benefits, leave policy etc. Our ability to work together makes our work successful. Regardless of who may solve an issue, the goal is always to get issues resolved.

What do you enjoy most about working together?

I enjoy working together because it feels good to solve the issues we face and to have an agreeable workflow.

Congratulations to Staff with June Birthdays!  

Sprang Acosta, Outreach House II

Katia Andrade, Outreach REACT Center

Patricia Baker, Outreach Community Residence

Diana Rosana Brathwaite, Outreach REACT Center

Larraine Cullam, Bellport

Charlene Espada, Richmond Hill

Vaughn C. Flake, Outreach Community Residence

Shaela Fridell, SOR Long Island

Odane Griffiths, Outreach Recovery Center

Recbecca Hladky, Outreach House II

Lauren Irizarry, Outreach House II

Laurie Ann Jackson, Outreach REACT Center

Jessica Larkin, Bellport Day Rehab Services

Jennifer L. McColgan, Outreach House II

Samantha Milano, Bellport Day Rehab Services

Emely Muy, Bellport Day Rehab Services

Gabriela Sanchez, Outreach House I

Gilda Snivel, Outreach House I

Melvin Swain, Outreach House I

Ewa Szostak, Outreach House I

Jack Townsend, Bellport Day Rehab Services

Dale Verga, Brentwood Women’s Residential

Hedda Keisha Victor, Outreach REACT Center

Peter Paul Walon Jr., Outreach House I

Kmel Wilson, Richmond Hill

Employees of the Month  

We salute staff members who were selected by their colleagues and leaders as their program’s June Employees of the Month! Congratulations and thank you for your dedicated service to Outreach and its mission to help build healthy lives!

Patricia Baker, Outreach Recovery Center

Samuel Bello, Outreach House II

Maria Mejia, Suffolk Ave

Kizzy Springer, Outreach House I

Kmel Wilson, Richmond Hill

Welcome to our New Hires in May – June 2024!  

Kerr Vindel Cruz, Outreach REACT Center

Amy Altobelli, Pilgrim

Alannah Bilal, Outreach House I

David Dimichele, Outreach House II

Francisco Bejarano, Richmond Hill Outpatient Services

Linda Harvey, Outreach REACT Center

Markeeda Goodwin, Outreach House II

Kara Edwards, Brentwood Women’s Residential

Galit Shayo, Richmond Hill

Terrell Ford, Richmond Hill

Quanell Callender, Outreach House I

Cerrone Hall, Outreach House I

Kevin McGuire, Outreach Community Residence

Ana Maria Scola, Outreach REACT Center

Walid Ghanimeh, Outreach House I

Jamie Banach, Outreach House II

Maria Empaynado, Outreach House II

Angela Dee Morris, Outreach House II

Thomas Bellamy, Brentwood Women’s Residential

Tiana Farmer, Richmond Hill

Zachary Stamp, Outreach House I

Kimberly Dunn, Outreach House II

Lauren Irizarry, Outreach House II

Giovanni Jose Santiago, Outreach House II

Cassidy Rose, Outreach House II

Julianne Smith, Outreach House II

Amanda K. Ballan, Brentwood Women’s Residential

Courtney Palermo, Bellport Day

Kalisha Smith, Richmond Hill OTI

Glenisha H. Greaves, Outreach House I

George Aviles, Outreach House II

Robert Dandrea, Outreach Community Residence

Outreach Fun Fact:  

Outreach first opened its doors in 1980 with just 3 employees. As of June 4, 2024, the agency employs a staff of 341 people: 208 fulltime employees, 89 part time employees, and 44 per diem. We also engage 44 interns, who are not considered employees.

Update: New System for Facilities & IT Requests

Effective immediately, Terrell Ford is the new Inventory Specialist & Project Dispatcher. As Inventory Specialist he is taking over from Patricia Santaniello, who is retiring at the end of June. As Project Dispatcher, Terrell will be tracking/supporting the work orders for facilities and IT.  Going forward, please copy him on all email work orders for both facilities and IT (you don’t have to copy Denise Timoney). Below is the format of how each request should be submitted.  

Facilities Requests: 

Email: Chris directly at 

Cc: & 

IT Requests: 

Email: Bekri & Karla directly at & 

Cc: &  

Questions?  Please contact Thank you! 


Talent Show at Outreach House II

On May 30th, Outreach House II hosted a Talent Show featuring a number of residents who have been working with our Music Therapist, Samuel Bello. The show consisted of singers, musicians, songwriters performing original pieces, and a debut performance of the recently established band, Cinque! Performers were cheered by parents, staff and their peers.  

Special thanks to Samuel Bello (and OH II’s Employee of the Month!), for the incredible work he does with OH II’s residents and for preparing them to give such professional performances at the talent show.  All in all, it was a powerful night of passion for music and self-expression in early recovery. 

John Venza’s recognition from LICADD

Congratulations to Vice President for Residential Services John Venza who was honored at LICADD’s 2024 Angel Ball for his leadership and many contributions to the behavioral health field!

Ruby Thomas received the CSEA award

Outreach’s Program Directors Donna Bornfriend and Thomas Olivo came out to support CSEA member and Outreach staff member Ruby Thomas at the CSEA International Day. CSEA is one of NY largest worker unions and has been a vital supporter of Outreach’s Women’s Program for many years.

Long Island Pride Parade and Festival in Huntington Village

Fun was has by all Outreach staff, friends and family in attendance at the annual Long Island Pride Parade and Festival in Huntington Village!

Juneteenth: Celebrating Freedom

To celebrate Juneteenth, the Outreach REACT Center decorated and had open discussions with clients and staff!


Congratulations to the Stewart family! In July, Communications Manager Michael Stewart will be married to Shaina Zimmerman, seen pictured here at their surprise shower hosted by the REACT Center with Michael’s mother and Outreach’s Executive Administrator Beverley Stewart.

Retirement Party for Patricia Santaniello

Staff recently celebrated and congratulated Patricia Santaniello on her transition into retirement this month. Patricia has been with Outreach since 2006, initially as Outreach’s Controller, where she was responsible for maintaining accurate financial records, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and providing strategic financial guidance in support of the agency‘s mission and goals. Two years ago, as she began looking towards retirement, she scaled back to part-time and oversaw inventory. Best wishes and much gratitude to Patricia for her many years of service to Outreach!

Krista Whitman recognized by Crain’s NY Business as a 2024 Notable LGBTQIA+ Leader

Congratulations to our Chief Operating Officer Krista Whitman who is being recognized this week – during Pride month — by Crain’s NY Business as a 2024 Notable LGBTQIA+ Leader! Please join us in celebrating Krista for all her accomplishments and this important acknowledgment of her work!