Karl Antoine Telemaque, LMSW

Karl Antoine Telemaque is a third-generation individual deeply rooted in a heritage he ardently cherishes—his Haitian lineage. Born in New York City, he was raised in Nassau County, Long Island, where the foundational values of faith and community were instilled in him from an early age through his active involvement in the church. Engaging in numerous food drives and fundraising initiatives for the local parish shaped his commitment to giving back to the community—a commitment that remains a guiding principle in his professional pursuits today.

Coming from a household that esteemed education as a cornerstone of success, he embraced the importance of continuous learning. Karl’s educational journey began at Nassau Community College, where he earned an associate degree in social work. He furthered his academic endeavors at Stony Brook University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Social Welfare, before culminating his studies with a Master of Social Work from the University of Adelphi. These academic milestones not only equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of diverse populations but also led to introspection, uncovering, and addressing his own cultural biases.

With nine years of dedicated experience in the field, Karl has diligently absorbed knowledge to serve the communities he deeply cares about. His professional journey commenced as a case manager, supporting adults facing persistent mental health challenges and developmental disabilities. Transitioning to working with youth, he assumed the role of therapist in a Residential Treatment Facility, offering vital support to formerly incarcerated adolescents dealing with severe mental health issues, substance abuse, and emotional disturbances.

His passion for aiding young individuals led him to progress within the field, ascending to the role of Assistant Director during his six-year tenure at the Residential Treatment Facility. Prior to joining Outreach in 2023, Karl directed a Day Habilitation Program in a high school within a D-75 district, where he found immense fulfillment in guiding youths to comprehend the intersection between their mental health and academic needs. He now serves as the Director of Outreach’s new Young Adult Residential program, which is scheduled to open in 2024. There, Karl aims to empower vulnerable youth and young adults, providing them with opportunities and resources essential for fostering independence and cultivating healthier relationships within their communities while addressing substance-related challenges.