The New York Community Trust Awards Grand to Outreach


The New York Community Trust has awarded Outreach an $85,000 grant to support the expansion and enhancement of services for women and women with children in need of substance abuse and behavioral health treatment.

Research shows that women in treatment tend to report greater psychological distress and mental health problems; more family-related needs, particularly issues related to parenting; exposure to childhood and adult trauma and victimization, especially domestic violence; and more problems related to lack of employment and vocational skills. Since 1985, Outreach has observed gender-specific needs among the women and women with children treated in the Greater New York area, and developed programs that offer safe and supportive treatment environments that promote long term recovery.

A major mission of Outreach’s women’s program is to help women reintegrate into their communities, by achieving sustainable recovery and taking steps to ultimately find viable employment. Women and women with children who participate in Outreach’s Women’s Intensive Outpatient Program in Richmond Hill are provided with critical services that address their unique bio-psycho-social needs. These include: gender-specific group counseling, individual counseling, domestic violence counseling, vocational/employment services, advocacy for entitlements, groups and workshops focusing on health & nutrition, life skills, and parenting skills. Women with children who participate in this program are also provided with onsite childcare.

This grant from New York Community Trust will support staffing, program, and outreach enhancements to serve more women in the New York City area, through its Richmond Hill, Queens location. This exciting opportunity also supports Outreach’s overall strategic efforts to broaden the availability of treatment services for women in need of help, especially as particularly observed in Queens.

“We are thrilled to receive this grant from the New York Community Trust, which will allow us to build upon much-needed services for women and women with children,” said Kathleen A. Riddle, Outreach’s President and CEO. “Through this enhancement we will be able to, not only help more women, but provide more comprehensive care to support their long term recovery.”

Outreach, a non-profit organization, is a premier provider and champion of quality, life-changing drug and alcohol abuse care. Since 1980, Outreach has provided the New York Metropolitan area with unmatched substance abuse treatment and training services, specializing in residential and outpatient programs for teens, intensive daytime treatment for women and women with children, adult outpatient treatment services, and training of professionals for careers in treating addiction. On an annual basis, Outreach offers care and treatment to nearly 2,000 individuals and families; upwards of 300 students participate in training activities.

For more information about Outreach, visit If you or someone you know needs help with a drug or alcohol problem, please call Outreach at (718) 847-9233.