Social Media Policy

Outreach welcomes communication through creative forms of media. Our social media policy encourages appropriate and respectful interaction.

Seeking Help in Emergencies

Outreach is here to help you and understands the value of social media in making connections. Though we encourage you reach us through our social media sites, Outreach does not operate a 24-hour crisis response service. Should you need immediate attention, please refrain from posting on Outreach’s social media sites and contact any of our offices directly by calling us during normal business hours.

If you feel you need immediate assistance outside of normal business hours, we urge that you contact emergency services by calling 911, or utilizing crisis support ‘hotlines’ available in the following regions:

Guidelines for Respectful Communication

Outreach welcomes comments and seeks to keep communication respectful and meaningful.

Be Mindful: While we encourage posts on Outreach’s social media platforms, please understand that we cannot respond to every comment. Federal Confidentiality and Privacy laws prohibit Outreach from addressing any comments made in a public forum (especially social media) regarding services someone may have received in our programs.

Privacy and Confidentiality: Please consider carefully before posting any personal information to the internet. Remember that your posts and comments are available for all to see.

Comment Approval: Outreach moderates comments posted on our sites, and we reserve the right to delete comments that are abusive, off-topic, offensive, illegal, spam or advertisements for products.